About Us

About Us

We Contribute to The Growth of Society and Affluent Lives by connecting Companies and Citizens with Outdoor Advertisement Activities.
Our company, Hit Co., Ltd., was established in 1991 as an advertising company specialized in Out Of Home Medias.
We used to provided Individual, Long-term-contracted Billboards in those days, from choosing locations to constructing billboards.
Because of the Rapid change of Economy and Media Environment, OOH medias are expected in different ways of Effectiveness. Taking advantage our long time experiences, we provide “High Value Marketing Tools.”

Name Hit Co., Ltd.
Address 7-14-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo104-0061
Phone 03-3543-7771
FAX 03-3543-2811
Line-ups of Business *Outdoor Billboards
(LED visions, Neon signs, Poster boards, and bulletins)
*Transit advertisements
Establishment February 8th, 1991 as “Hit Corporation Ltd.”
October 8th, 2008 changed name to “Hit Co., Ltd.”
Capital 29,500,000 yen
Executives C.E.O Nobuyuki Matsumaru
Director Tomeo Kanbayashi
Auditor Kuniichi Saitou
Adviser Shingo Ino
Our Motto

We changed our company name to Hit Co., Ltd. in 2008, and create our New Motto.
*In advertisement environment, we accomplish new methods which no one has ever done or can.
*We chase Ideal Goals with having clear prospect and concepts.
*We challenge to make Perfect Process and Perfect Results.
*We offer Marketing Tools with High Value Convertibility.
*We create an Ethical Respective company.

CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility )

* We respect outdoor advertisement laws and regulations. All our billboards are Permitted.
* We recycle many of our billboard materials, such as Vinyl chloride and Plastics.
ECO Friendly
We use LED lights and other types of energy-saving lights. Those are 1.6 – 2.5 times better energy consumption than standard-type lights.
Contribute to Society

We offer billboard ad spaces to AC (Advertising Council ) when we have available locations in Shibuya.

Community Activities

We try to make good relationships with our communities.
We are a member of Shibuya Shopping District Promotion Association, where is our main market, and help their clean up program.
Also, in Ginza where our main office is located we help our Local Festivals.